Sunday, 7 July 2013

sans titre

i've only realised that i haven't properly written anything about miss z's wedding. doh!
partially because i was so tied up with other random shit in life that i didn't bother making time recording this important moment of her life. (just joking.)
another part is that i still haven't adjusted to the fact that she's turned to a new page of life.
it was an elegant and exquisite wedding, minus the weather.
but lucky enough when she walked out of the car to get to the venue, it all stopped.
she walked down the aisle looking stunning in her champagne/ivory wedding gown being super careful (it was raining and the pebbled footpath isn't something on which hight heels are safe to walk), i was so happy for her.
when she took the vow, articulating each word, tears rolled down my cheeks. that moment, i felt like an old lady relative of hers who saw her growing up. and being so happy seeing her little cousin getting married.

i was honoured to be asked to deliver a speech, which, you would think was done ages ago and had had a couple of revisions already beforehand.
but truth to be told, i only did a 2nd revision night before.
i was having memory flashbacks all night, remembering the good old days of us skipping classes to go to all sorts of random places and the not-so-glamourous days of us being stressed and miserably unemployed - i will probably never forget about that horrible winter - all the rain and bad weather.
although i remember a lot of tears from her, and when we hugged, other than happy tears, i was crying on the inside, "gawd, why is this girl so skinny while i am so fat and still dig in every friggin meal."

till this minute, i am still waiting for the pictures taken by the very professional photographer on the day.
i promise to share with you some wonderful pictures when i actually get to see them.
the wedding took place at a vineyard and the environment was superb, english country club style.
big big heart.

i wish you a lifetime of happiness, z.

Monday, 1 July 2013

goodbye my friend

thanks for all the great time.
a dieu.