Wednesday, 28 September 2011

what are you proud of?

my coworker came in to get her coffee in the common room and told me about her son.
great ice-breaker, i thought.
she was impressed that i speak french.
she then went on telling me how her son did french in high school and later gave up as he got busier and busier after getting into college.

"so what is he doing now?" i asked.
"grad school, industrial design in the states." with a very satisfied smile.
we only exchanged 3 questions and i was informed about where he went to high school, where he goes now and where he is going next.
"you must be really proud!" this line reminds me of fiona from "4 weddings & a funeral".
i didn't know what more i could say apart from complimenting her way of raising her son.
not only did it work but also was it quite successful.

what would i be proud of?
i really haven't the faintest clue.
i can't just have an afghan hound and be proud of it, can i?
even if it was as huge as a pony and had a shiny sleek coat so pretty that you can't keep your hands to yourself.
or maybe?
the bottom line is: no matter how great your dog is, he still can't say "sorry mum, am gonna stay in the states cos i got offered a job and my girlfriend doesn't wanna move."

that alone is something you would be proud of - having a child that knows what he's doing and what he wants.

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