Wednesday, 16 October 2013

sans titre

it would totally be too ambitious if i was to start over again reporting my Kansai trip.
i can't commit.

anyways, i will remember to write down cute little stories happened all along the trip.
maybe even share tips - like i have any to begin with. (rolling eyes)

well, for a start, it was a birthday present to myself.
i agreed with my friend almost 10 years ago that we'd travel together to Paris to celebrate our birthday this year.

turned out, we didn't go for various reasons.
but we did, start planning from Amsterdam and then around South France.
she even got guidebooks etc from Taiwan.

but we ended up heading north east to Japan.
spent a 2-week break in the mountains which reminded us so much of good old days back in sheepland.

here is a deer-shaped omikuji from kasuga taisha in Nara.


lu said...

i got the same omikuji from my August trip!

2 weeks sound so nice. do write! i look forward to reading your stories :)

Carrie said...