Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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my friends who were here on expat packages were sent back home to germany, the US, france etc. germany and japan are the two largest countries who send expats to live in shanghai. (source: unknown, but i did read about it somewhere in the paper) so far i have heard quite a few friends' kids who go to international schools busy attending farewell parties.

this, as i see it, is a signal of slowing down of the economy. although it is still generating much growth (~7.5%), the rate of growth has not been double digits as we have seen couple of years ago. 

there's also a very strong signal sent by the government of this anti-corruption campaign. extra measures had been taken to ensure that all's clear about this message. you should see how cautious the civil servants have become these days at business dinners. in some areas, things are getting tougher, too. e.g. getting permits, grants... but i do think it as a positive thing. at least it is starting to change.

other than that, doing business is getting much harder AND much easier these days. e-business is clearly the thing to do, but if you start now, you've already missed the opportunity to gain big bucks. 

what's coming up next is unknown, but i am sure with the rise of the post-90s, there must be newer, more exciting and creative things. it's only how you seize the opportunity and best utilise it when it does come.

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