Friday, 6 August 2010

sentimental values

you know how this phrase irritates you, you must do.
because you're surrounded by the stuff that carry such values.
take a look at the stuff in your cabinet, on your desk, right next to your computer...
now, count, how many of them were given to you as gifts from various friends.
"i travelled 9000 miles to give it to you..."
"oh, hun, thanks, that's so kind of you!"

you then put away those precious little things on your bookshelf along with all others.
eventually, there'll be so many such things standing in front of your books, you can't even read the names of your books without moving them.

the nightmare doesn't stop here.
one day, you're trying to be a good person and try to tidy up the room.
guess what you see?
unopened giftboxes, unused handbags, unread books, unworn jewelleries...
and crap! uneaten watermelon flavoured jelly beans!!! (these are going straight into the rubbish bin...)

they were all given to you by the people you like, you tend to keep them.
even if you're always moving, you still bring them with you.
also because they were gifts from your friends, you aren't supposed to give them away to other people.
plus you're brainwashed to believe that you're always short of clothes/bags/shoes etc.
it thus becomes a vicious cycle: you're forever piling up sh*t but never throwing out any.

here is my post-mid-year resolution: to throw away as many stuff as i can and not to buy anything "new" till the end of this year.
cos i feel like screaming my head off when i'm surrounded by so many useless sh*t that carry "sentimental values".
"sentimental" my a**.
mental? yes!


g said...

i can't recall myself having gifts from others...嘿嘿嘿. anyway it shows u're a popular person.

stuff stuff stuff..if only it could be destroyed in a wink without much attachment. too much stuff cramped in a room just makes one suffocated.

RandomCoil said...

So no friend -> no gift?

Maybe because you give gifts to others... so others do the same things to you?

cr said...

yeah, i guess it is reciprocal.
i like the smiles on ppl's face when they open their pressies. XDDD
it's so rewarding.