Tuesday, 19 March 2013

the long due post - part II

I have developed a new habit of numbering my thoughts, the quicker I tick off an item, the easier my life seems... it's not like am important or anything, just pretending to be logical... (wishful thinking, really)
I promise to write more often whenever possible.

1. what's the difference living in sheepland and outside Sheepland?
    the pace of the whole society. you will feel it instantly after landing into sheepland. kiwis seem to have all the time to do all sorts of random things. and they really enjoy taking it slow and do these in a laid-back way. this is a nice change when you need a break from the "centre of the crazy world" where making quick bucks is the only thing they care about.

2. was it difficult to get over the (reverse) culture shock? Why?
    it was... the "centre of the crazy world" is full of amazing experiences ahead of you. these things are not believable till you see them through your own eyes. i have not seen before a flight attendant snapping at a passenger because she took her headsets from business class (on purpose or not). maybe it's because i am not a white guy who looks like a potential marriage candidate (or a ___ buddy)? and all other sorts of weird things you (might) go through...

3. Positive sides on both sides?
    +ve sides definitely exist. one good example: the existence of taobao, the convenience of placing orders at midnight online and getting the goods delivered at door the next morning.
    +ve side of living in sheepland: the slow pace. the world's not gonna collapse if you do one thing over 5 days (typically these things can be done in 5 hours or less in the "centre of the crazy world").

4. If I had to make a choice again, what would i do?
    i say go for it. better do it then regret than regretting not doing it.

5. What parameters count in leading a life we want?
    especially true today: clean air, clean water, safe food... i kid you not. imagine having to keep the windows shut at all times... 

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