Saturday, 16 March 2013

the long due post

I've been meaning to write something for ages but didn't really have the time.
OK, this is a lame excuse… but after a day's work and commuting my energy level goes to 0, thinking about my feelings and make sth sensible out of it seems such a luxury.

I've now been away for about 2 years, half of which in France, the rest in China. And i came to seriously think about it now -

1. what's the difference living in sheepland and outside Sheepland?
2. was it difficult to get over the (reverse) culture shock? Why?
3. Positive sides on both sides?
4. If I had to make a choice again, what would i do?
5. What parameters count in leading a life we want?

(I'm seriously sleep deprived from a long haul flight, a night of hen's party and getting up early the following morning to be the driver and not having a proper laptop to type all these up…returning to sleep but will finish answering the above, soon)


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