Saturday, 7 May 2011

my 2 cents

next time you come this way in toulouse, do NOT, i repeat, do NOT wear your contact lenses.
instead, if you don't care looking stupid (or actually super cool), you should wear your goggles (ski goggles preferred).
this place is just TOO windy.

i've got so many random tiny objects blown into my eyes so many times during the past 2 days.
i have a pair of gigantic shades, i know, but sometimes, i just don't feel like seeing things in altered natural light.
it's spring now... just imagine how cold it gets in winter with this wind... oh-la-la.

i've got one of my confusions figured out nevertheless.
on the first day of my arrival, i observed that i was one of the very few who was in short-sleeves.
locals wear scarves, down jackets (am not kidding, it's like 20 degrees, they're in down jackets), jumpers, tweed jackets...

elegant women and men.
superb city with loads of fun boutiques.
and of course, so many exquisite bookshops scattered around in town.
big <3.

2nd confusion figured out - the famous toulouse sausage.
if you don't tuck in and get yourself a tiny bit heavier hence stand steadily on the ground.
you're gonna get blown away at the traffic light into the canal or hit some cathedrals quite hard...
ouch, not pretty.

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