Friday, 15 April 2011

__ come in three

Fill in the gap, will ya?
Well, u thought that missing the train was bad, right?
It certainly just didn't stop there.
To make up the time lost, I decided to do something I might as well had done in the first place but didn't - I hopped on an airport bus.
I, For the first time of my life, bought a walk-in ticket at the airport.
Ask me not how much it cost.

Then u thought that I would totally make it now that I am flying?
Well well well.
Just to spice life a bit up.
The plane was 45 minutes late.
Just as I was landing, my connecting overnight training was getting ready to leave the station.

Oh well, so far, this would be my third and fingers crossed last __ this trip.
It started "well" by the SNCF cancelling RER service.
As far as the french consistency concerns, the airport shuttle bus was nowhere to be seen even it was 20 mins past the scheduled time.
This is just too good.
Something new everyday.

Though I did have a wonderful afternoon wandering around in the botanic garden, thanks to the Genevan tax payers.
Let's give them a big hand.


cz said...

i know i know *hands up*

shxt comes in 3.

c said...

Lol. very good C, now, u can't write "shxt" on ur exam paper, try something else. XD