Thursday, 7 April 2011

sans titre

[insert hair pulling emoticon]
my life would be so much more different if i didn't leave everything till the last minute.
quoting miss M, now mrs H, if i didn't leave everything till the last minute, i'd already have finished my phd at harvard. [eye rolling emoticon]
it would also be better if my friggin bank didn't act like my mum and didn't stop my every friggin attempt to book for a friggin hotel or a friggin bus or a friggin train or seriously, for purchasing an air ticket.

pic credit: i dunno. like the internet?


cz said...

You are the last minute queen ma~


c said...

LoL guess what?
i had a million things to do yet i managed to have a 4-hour dress-up party.
gawd, if only i wasn't this lazy....