Friday, 15 April 2011

sans titre

this is something that only an extremely retarded person would have done - miss your fäcking train.
well, the more retarded part was - i arrived at the correct platform early, saw the fäcking train pulling in.
it looked nice and pretty in black with silver logos on it.
but the information screen on the platform had too much information going on (and kept rolling).
it was not only telling me that there was 12a and 12b, it also told me different things.
being unable to read any foreign language, i just stood there, enjoying being a second-hand smoker while getting burned by the sun.
too good to be true.
then when the whistles blown, the doors shut, the screens immediated told me something else!!!!!!!!!!!
major screw up, you know.
this would not happen to anyone i know.
or happen to anyone that i don't know.
in fact, this would never happen to any sensible person.
i thought people who have problems aren't allowed on the trains, correct me if the policies have changed.
i dunno what happened, i just stood there, seeing the train leave without boarding.
bad news is, there are only 2 trains serving between the cities one day, i just friggin missed the "last" one.
if i wasn't this "organised" i would've just stayed here for two more days...
but färicking hell, i had booked everything beforehand and i was on a very tight schedule.
to make things worse, everything was PREPAID.
who's the big laughing stock now?!
so really, if you think your job is boring or if you think that your world's gonna collapse if easter doesn't come quicker.
read my post again, just to have a good laugh.
this is my present for you all. (this present will have to last a good 10 years though, expect nothing till then.)
happy holidays everyone.


cz said...

oh so sorry to hear about your travel glitch.. Poor you ><

well as i am reading, i think it can be easliy happen to anyone. REALLY. we all have SPACED-OUT moments from time to time.

Hope Esater Bunny will bring you good luck.

c.r said...

(Hugs) yeah. I think that my long term sleep deprivation is finally showing its power - soon enough i'd be like a vegetable head.

Well before that day comes, I'll just play more soduku (spelling?)

One more reason to love switzerland though - where all the coaches have their own screen saying where the train is heading off and when. @.@

Happy easter hun! Xxx

lu said...

it's ok... we boarded the wrong train in Brighton when we're trying to head back. and then we got off just before it pulled off. so it HAPPENS.

but don't let it kill your mood!

oh.. i'm sure you know, but yeah, different carriages may go to different cities/stops.

c.r said...

Did not know that different coaches can head to different cities! They are attached together, no?
Now I know why they have platform a and b for the same platform number now!
Mystery solved! Ta! :)

Anonymous said...

o gosh... i am sorry for you!! but the way you wrote this... is hell funny..." standing there.."enjoying being a second-hand smoker"...haha.... hilarious...

well... did you able to make to your destination at last?

good luck!!

c.r said...

Thnx Gwen, I'm sorry for me too.

Well, I missed my connecting train, so instead of travelling through the country seeing diff landscapes, I just was freezing away in the wind in the same town for 3 days... occasionally hopping into HMs trying to find some bargains.

Enjoy ur break in HK!