Thursday, 2 December 2010


正巧這幾天在回看宮崎 駿


lu said...

這部我買了一直都還沒有看 (blush)


cr said...

howl's moving castle?
i liked it! i even went to the cine to see it. :D

lu said...

just saw it last night. thanks for your post which has pushed me to seeing it! :P

the story (the movie version) was weak... but Howl's so FUNNY and handsome. hahahaha

i like Markl and Calcifer, too! the dog was a bit... out of nowhere but nonetheless cuteness rules~

cr said...

to be honest, i didn't like the fighting scenes. they were so dark.

but i did like the moving castle itself. XDDD and the pretty sceneries. yes yes, they're not real, but they're just too pretty!

glad you finally get to see it.