Friday, 24 December 2010

silver linings

Well, you saw it coming.
I was the victim of a pick-pocket experience at the Geneva airport.
On the bright side though, I had no problem telling everything in French at the police station and the officer asked if I lived in Switzerland.
I'll take that as a compliment!

More silver linings:
It was the least valuable thing in my bag.
Well, I guess an empty water bottle is rather rubbish like?
But thank god it wasn't anything else.
Even if it was my mittens I'd be in tears, on a freezing day like this!
I lost my sim card though, that's kinda annoying.

At the bus stop, someone came to me by asking "parlez vous francais?"
That's a first!
I must be more French-speaking-looking than English-speaking-looking then!

Without realising that Antwerp is Flemmish-speaking I hopped on the train.
Then it started to pull in and all the announcements sounded like "rah rah rah rah".
I then automatically switched the English-speaking part of my brain back on.
On the metro though, the lady sat next to me excused herself out by asking me in French not in English! (Weird?)

Then I was greeted in Flemmish a couple of more times.
Thank god that I asked the lady at tourism info desk how to say some basic words in Flemmish.
And while in Brussels no one ever hesitated by initiating a conversation in French.
I mean this is an international city, it's not in France where people don't actually give a toss about the fact that you don't speak a word of their language and they insist on only speaking French with you while doing a lot of hand-gestures.
They usually would be willing and are able to communicate in English (unlike their gaulois neighbours).

So yeah, 4 days on the trip only, 1 lost phone and so much more silver linings.
Plus, am having a stunning white xmas.
Really can't complain.


laichungleung said...

Very nice and merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. Just be careful of pickpockets.

g said...

your experience sounds interesting and "international" enough.

cell phone.. is it a cheap version? if yes, just treat it as a chance to buy a better one.... most importance thing is u don't get hurt, and still in one piece:P
(well i know it is cliche enough..)

merry merry merry x'mas..

tell us more journey stories! : )

cr said...

lcl: thanks! merry xmas to you too!

g: yeah, it was an old model of blackberry from ages ago. XDDD so it wasn't expensive or anything. only that i now have lost my nz sim card, which is rather annoying.
a very merry xmas to you! enjoy your holidays in a much warmer place!

laichungleung said...

I remember some time ago your iPod was stolen in Shanghai. Do you look like an easy target? You got to look tougher. Enjoy the trip.

cr said...

lcl: thanks for remembering! yes, i think i do look rather like a careless person, i need to toughen up and look like a meanie. XDD

lu said...

eh, now we should spread words about pickpockets in geneva. my dad got picked there nearly as well and that's probably the only and closest experience we've had for all the time we're in europe. (ok, maybe the others were more skilled so it's not noticeable at all)

trust you've had good fun for xmas so have a very happy new year!

cr said...

i only saw this just now. XDDD

i guess having a huge handbag is prolly not a good idea when travelling in europe. maybe that's why lots of people wear a very tiny crossbody messenger type purse? but i always thought it's too small, i mean i need to carry a bottle of water and a brolly around at least?