Saturday, 25 December 2010

a picture is worth...

this pic is taken for cat-lovers, yes, you know who you are.
the cat kept wanting to get close to me and rub himself/herself against my boots (you know, my boots are rather handsome if you're interested), i totally freaked out...

love birds, literally. life is not about luxurious trips and extravagant gifts (although those would be nice, too), it's about finding little things that make life beautiful.

as much as i'd like to be rocking on these horses while enjoying the beautiful sceneries.
there's a big sign saying "no older than 3 years!" that put me off... oh well, they do look rather 'antique' like and i don't wanna get a big bill from the geneva city council.

let's go round and round and round and round till we throw up!
(now, i suddenly realised why there's a rubbish bin in the picture! duh!)

finally, winter fun in the snow!
i don't know how i took these pictures cos my hands were frozen like ice lollies and it's a miracle that they didn't fall off. (touch wood)

thanks for reading and enjoy your day(s) off work! XDDD
now go out and contribute to the GDP so that our govt can keep sending planes to heathrow and get our poor kids back!
don't mind us who're stuck on the continent though, we're capable enough of handling the sh*tty situation ourselves.
at least we could just run/walk all the way back cos we're not stuck on some island.


mad dog said...

the white cat!!! scary... ;)
Merry Christmas again! and Happy 2011!

lu said...

i saw a very similar white cat in Beijing. the only thing is that it's sleeping and mum said it looked half-dead. ah well... :P

cr said...

@md: happy new year! :D

@lu: i saw another cat playing at the check-in desk @ a hotel!!! and another one sitting on a table @ a cafe just across the rd from jadin du luxembourg. super random... i do hope that you like the pic though.