Thursday, 4 August 2011


1. 麻質的長褲是相當有必要的。和牛仔褲相比,有一種腿間生風的感覺。對不起,我粗鄙了。
2. 再襯個像蝙蝠一樣的上衣,颱風來的時候,張開雙臂,颼颼就飛到家了。
3. 穿拖鞋的話,走山路和逛街都很累。彩條的農民此刻就很好用了!
4. 包包,在下暴雨時不怕淋濕的才是首選!
5. 此裝扮點睛之筆是復古的男流氓髮型。保管熱死你!


laichungleung said...

I think cotton is the coolest. my experience with linen (maybe the cheap kind) has always been so so and just feels hotter than cotton. I don't like summer at all.

g said...

this post is super hilarious

in summer (like today):
i wear a tee, a black uliqlo tiered skirt (which is very thin...大愛! 不但腿間生風,簡直仿如無物添! Fetched from a shop at $20 only) , and a pair of flats (in fact, i want to wear my uber-comfy converse-style shoes..but u know, it does not match well with skirt..simply too "lo to"...)

i had a haircut like you before...can't bear it..(think it is super ugly on me)..and cut it to one-length..shorter and fresher, albeit quite student-look and boring...but boring has long been my signature trait, so...

c said...

LCL: mine is the cheap kind from zara. it's much cooler than my body hugging skinny jeans... but why would a normal person want to wear some silly skinny jeans in the middle of summer? i was a winter baby, i don't like summer either.

g: i like skirts too. but given my lack of manner, trousers are much safer for me. and in summer days like this, my low-cut converses have all gone missing for some unknown reasons...

talking about hairstyle, gawd, my obasan look was such a nightmare. i had to delete all the pictures that i had taken while i kept that hairdo. it shall be a long while before i choose to cut my hair that short and get a perm. totally crazy!!!

g said...

i don't hv manner too..haha XD

talking about hairdo, i don't hv patience to hv it grown long (ie. across the shoulder). coarse, flung outward (!). at last decided that the best favour I do to this city is to reduce an eyesore head.

feel super mo-liu these days...=_=

c said...

short hair requires even more maintenance. ask any man, they won't agree more. XDDD

p.s. would anyone can recommend a good strong hairspray or wax product, plz? am currently using l'oreal playball... and arimino spice shower. not long-lasting enough.