Friday, 26 June 2009

M.J. dead

inbox(1) from miss Z
- title line: fyi
- content: news link to MJ hospitalised from NYT.

sent mail (1) from me
- title line: re: fyi
- content: he's dead. i just read it in the news. it must be becos of mr c. he was watching his video clips on utube. we should warn gordon ramsay. .\ /.

inbox(2) from miss z
- title line: re: fyi
- content: lol

sent mail(1) from me
- title line: re:re:fyi
- content: i'm serious. do you have his contact number?

inbox(1) from mr c
- title line: re: fyi
- content: oh please. your news guy is going to die soon too cause i'm going to watch it!


lu said...

but this is so shocking though, on the midsummer's day (or you guys mid-xmas)

aiya.. radio stations are going to play his songs NON-STOP. urgh.

cr said...

Yeah, and I bet farrah must be gutted right now.