Monday, 12 July 2010





g said...

yeah yeah yeah..public library has lot of resources.. here i just chilled out at PL to read magazines (gossip/financial whatever) and reserve some of the very popular books (which just cost $2.5...very value for money, only to wait but i don't want to create unnecessary 雜物 to my home.

cr said...

i didn't even know that when you borrow magazines from the library it costs money!
look who's been living under a rock now. (blush)
you're very wise to not accumulate too many stuff @ home.
i shall from now on only borrow from libraries! :)

g said...

no..perhaps u have been away from hk for a long time, haha :)

past issues of magazines: within 3 months, cannot be borrowed out. 3 months before, can be borrowed out. each library card can borrow 6books or 12 magazines in total. no $ needed.

book: for some very popular books, very hard to borrow. So u go to "reserve" (ie. wait on a queue) and select the library branch close to your home to pick up. They charge $2.5 as administrative cost for arranging cross-district transportation.

I know some people are in love of books and stock many at home. But as i grow up (ie. age, LOL), the plight of too much stuff accumulated (身外物)is too too dreadful. (well some others will just go for e-book.). Now I just won't easily spend $ on one-off pleasure which leaves tangential thing behind.

cr said...

:D good to know all those info re: library services! thanks!!! :D

i'm not against e-books, they're rather convenient. but i still like the smell of new prints. and still enjoy lying in the couch reading books.

also need to get rid of lots of my "belongings". XDDD