Sunday, 25 July 2010






credit: jay jays


RandomCoil said...

Economics is so much cooler than finance!!!

c.r said...

thanks, not as cool as engineering though! :D

RandomCoil said...


They are cool in different ways :)

c.r said...

that's exactly why other ppl think finance IS cool. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

g said...

um..i think many industries in hk also hv long working hrs..and require no less efforts..but cannot earn that much as the financial/property industry. honesty i think they could not complain...but health is so would only treasure it when it is lost. i would not trade health/skin or "looking 10 yrs older" with money...but somehow long working hrs is the pervasive work ethos here in hk...when we enjoy convenient shopping/service at odd hours all year round, we are also exploiting ppl in other industries...

g said...

i wish i had taken economics though..quite puzzled when coming across fiscal/monetary policies/how interest rate affects this or that as i read the fianancial news..i guess economics is fundamental to give us a proper framework to think/predict interrelations of different factors, and to be immune from some of the market "noises" least help me to choose stocks correctly (ha!)

c.r said...

honestly, all theories fail... we put way too many assumptions when doing analysis. XDDD

and predicting correlations sounds quite easy but requires a good model with the modeler having very comprehensive understanding of the market. though noises can be picked up by the model for sure, but you won't tell how much of them are explained by the factors that you threw in the model or which one of them. (sorry started talking about nonsense here...)

g said...

i know. :)

what i really mean is that economics, to some extent, let us know the mega trend.. u dunno how frustrated it is when u come across lots of fiscal/banking terms and u think u partly understand their meanings/significance when u don't

c.r said...

even though i've done finance and financial economics and macroeconomics etc, i'm still all at sea when i come across those jargons.

i'd just ask my best friend - google. s/he never fails helping me.

and i hate it when ppl don't explain to you what these jargons mean, esp. so when they start throwing big words around. the best articles or speeches are always in plain english.

if i want to see those big words, i'd read my american economic review journals, not those. XDDD

JLS said...

Economics is good....yet now they are recognizing that pure theories don't explain everything, and they bring in psychology (behaviour) and even neuro-stuff.

I am done with it and I think having it gives me the ability to further learn from other areas, even in everyday life.

cr said...

they "pretend" to "borrow" ideas from psychology and created something called "behavioural econoimcs". but it all comes down to game theory... to me, it's just another way of proving theorems and stuff. (rolling eyes)