Thursday, 4 November 2010

i see the link

i ran into this book called "60 million frenchmen can't be wrong" on the "foreign language books" shelf at relay while waiting for my train.
when i read the table of contents, the first thing that grabbed my attention was: elite education.

i have already read quite a few articles about universities and les grandes ecoles a while back when i was cramming for my DELF exams.
but this book certainly would unveil the mystery of the french education system, at least to some extent?
i've already heard how the young french just want to become civil servants from catherine, my french teacher.
and of course, to get yourself in the system, you'll HAVE to go to the right schools before sitting those exams etc.

now that i've read this chapter and have been explained how all this work.
there are 3 word pops up in my head: CRE!
shocking resemblance.

i always thought there are similarities between the chinese and french cultures.
but i didn't know that we're so similar in terms of education system (though they're yet very different, too) and how crazily and unnecessarily competitive we drive our kids to be.

i'm learning something new about the french everyday through different means (still in english, big sigh).


g said...

it often puzzles me why a youngster residing abroad and having no intention to return to hk to work (at least for the time being) is so familiar with such stuff..i thought such abbreviations only bear some meanings for local grads..ha

a moving song to share with u..i played it again and again after watching a japanese film. 1st time i get to know this band's work..ha....even though this is an old band with a not-too-new song (blush)..

cr said...

flattering! maybe i'm not young on the inside. nah just kidding. i saw the CRE stuff on facebook, otherwise, god knows what that is...XDDD

thanks for sharing the song. i like it.

g said...

well..of course young..compared with me xD

thanks for liking the song!

it's raining outside. 霉得得的天氣, reminds me of past 讀書日子...

cr said...

thanks! and according to my 7-y-o's am young too.
so i guess i am? :D

weather's quite shitty here too. been really gloomy but quite warm.