Thursday, 21 October 2010

when is a bite too big to chew

i came across this utter crap just now and thought it's just a total joke.
i didn't go to a top notch university.
mine bearly made to the top 50 list.
we only had 1 person in our department who publishes 2 journal articles every year in AER.
so maybe there's a difference here.

but a 2nd year uni student is surely capable of knowing how to drop a programme and do something else that might actually lead to graduation without putting self through too much psycho sh*t?
i mean there's always counselling on campus to help you out when you're on the edge of breaking down.
i think it's free, i've never actually used this service.
there are always people who will give you advice about your career choice on campus, too?

worst case, you can always knock on your professors' doors and ask for their advice.
their doors are not always open, but they're more than happy to talk to you.

i'm not sure if economics is hard, from what i've seen, at undergrad level, it's just a joke.
i didn't do much work and got through quite alright.
and maths, is definitely one of my favourite courses at uni.
though maths does get really hard from 2nd year onwards when they start a separate course of linear algebra.
meaning, you can't pass without doing any work.

i went through a period of depression too but i didn't just go out drink and drive.
and when something bad happens, just leave it to mummy and daddy who will pay for a super good lawyer to get me out of all this sh*t with a(n) madeup excuse of being clinically depressed due to stress at work?
i simply can't afford all this luxury.

maybe it's just how the rich live.
they've been taken care of from the day they saw light.
hence, the vulnerability.
what i didn't know is that doing economics and maths will give you depression.
i heard other rich kids were doing fine and lots of them even went on doing a phd at harvard.


laichungleung said...

At the same time, there is something he can't change at all: being born to the rich and famous. I am sure it's a blessing as much as it's a curse. Not that I know anything about being rich and famous.

I read quite a number of kids at MIT become mental and kill themselves. I won't discount the pressure of being young and at a prestigious college. Of course, at the same time I think the pressure of being young and poor and without an education is equally daunting if not more. But what's the point of being young, rich and powerful if you don't abuse them?

Linear algebra, I thought it was easy because the word algebra but with linear in front, it's totally difficult for mere mortal like me.

cr said...

But what's the point of being young, rich and powerful if you don't abuse them? -> point taken.

the rise of neo classic economics has brought the maths skills of econ students up to a new level. what also needs to be borne in mind is that history of economics is rather important too. but nowadays, people just do maths proofs. so i guess being able to do linear algebra is a merely basic skill?

i, fortunately, have already forgotten how to do l/algebra. XDD