Thursday, 25 March 2010







JLS said...

2.55 is so overrated....

which bag captured your attention so much?

I found that bags are all the same now....that's after I have looked at most offerings for so many years.(You do remember that I know fashion and stuff right?)

cr said...

(totally do remember and am still impressed!)

woah~ you actually know what i am talking about!

i'm still coveting the miu miu vitello collection from like ages ago! i know, i am so ashamed of myself for not keeping up with the trend... but still.

JLS said...

of course. You do also remember that I am my wife's fashion consultant do you?

Now miu miu's line is a bit of an enigma to me. Great bags never go out of style. Some time ago I picked a Garden Party (guess which brand it is from?) for my wife and although it is not trendy, it is perfect for her on both casual and business occasions, as she found out later.

cr said...

are you? i'm more impressed now! :D

GARDEN PARTY!!!!! it's like so roomy yet it goes with literally everything! man, i LUUUUUUV garden parties!

in fact i'm still wanting miss Z's garden party, aren't i, z?

JLS said...

cr said...

LOL. since when DVF bought shares of publishing houses?

good one, your friend has a great sense of humour.

cr said...

i'm linking this again cos can't capture all of it in your prev comment.

JLS said...

That DVF logo certainly looks like Barnes and Noble (at least to my friend's husband)...

I don't read fashion magazines at all. I would read fashion articles if I come across them.

As I said, part of what love is really is understanding.

Speaking of which, I also get to know christian louboutin many floating clouds around.....haha

cr said...

LOL. i've spotted a grand CL shop on On Lan st, opposite to Ann D.

come to high heels, i dunno if you're familiar with roger vivier at all. he was THE man. better than louboutin, IMO.

come to him, i wanna mention the film, "belle de jour"... for those who have seen it, you'll remember his shoes which catherine deneuve wore.

p.s. i really hate ppl calling it Ann Dem... i mean if you really like the designer, then you'd at least put a tiny bit more effort in knowing how to pronounce her surname correctly?

JLS said...

Roger Vivier is prominently situated at Landmark. Couldn't miss it.

I must confess that I don't know that much about shoes in terms of fashion. Manolo looks fine to me and interestingly, sergio rossi is a brand that looks pretty good to me too.

As for Ann D, again confessed that I don't know how to pronounce it. Please help :)

cr said...

LOL. you're right. :D

i don't like MB becos of the over-exposure on SATC... i think SATC was fine if it ended by the tv series... but making movies and now a sequel is just LAME. i wasn't interested enough to even see it.

anyways, demeulemeester is everything you would have predicted. in fact, not hard to pronounce at all, if you know how to say "feu" in french.

de-meu(like in french)-le-mee-ster.


hope that helped.

cr said...

ooh~ look what i found!

lu said...

oh.. RV has shrunk the shop size recently or is moving to another location in the same mall, and the prominent window/street-side shop is taken over by the adjacent Tod's :(

i'll miss seeing RV every morning when going to work

cr said...

i really liked the window displays~ since i can't afford them... sigh...