Monday, 22 March 2010




RandomCoil said...

Dont we all do that all the time...?
(Espeically when we can't come up with an answer on the spot :P)

cr said...


JLS said...

That's because based on research, english speaking people requires speech to form their thoughts, and usually when they do that they cannot be listening :)

I argue only under 2 circumstances 1) I really want that person to see truth/facts through my point, 2) there are monetary reasons for me to do so.

And I usually stop arguing when 1) everyone else can see the points from both sides and make their judgment, or 2) the person is hopeless (whether it be opininated or just plain stubborn)

cr said...

哈哈哈哈。the person is hopeless. XD u mean, me! XDDDDDD

yeah, we need to "agree to disagree".

JLS said...

Of course not :) We aren't arguing are we?

I usually just listen and don't argue if it is just a matter of difference in viewpoints. It is interesting for me to hear what other people think and where they come from.

I usually only argue if there is a blanket statement that do not take into consideration important facts, and there are serious flaws in logic (plus the two conditions previously mentioned)

cr said...

nope, we aren't.

i usually aren't the type of "logical" thinker. i just say whatever is off the top of my head... you can obviously see that reading my blog. XD